6th Day of Meloramensis – Part I

Hogar’s Journal (Translated from Giant)

Year 781 of the founding of the City

6th Day of Meloramensis – Part I

Thunderspire Mountain – Duergar Trading Post

We rose early and headed to the trading post by the name of Grimmerzhul in the south-east corner of the hall.  Rendil informed us that this establishment is in fact owned by duergar.  If one duergar in an area is involved in shady transactions then you can bet your last copper bit that the whole community at least knows about it.  This seemed the perfect place to enquire about the location of Kediri.
As we approached the building I noticed a hand painted sign which read “adventurers not welcome”.  Not promising but we trooped in anyway to find two dark dwarves standing behind a counter.  They gave us short shrift, refusing to talk to groups of adventurers in strict accordance with the sign outside.  I was all for beating some respect into them but Vic offered to talk to them alone and ushered us outside.
We stood outside cooling our heels for no more than a couple of minutes when Vic came bursting out of the door with bright red duergar spines protruding from his face and neck and four angry duergar bearing down on him.  Another successful negotiation courtesy of our fearless leader.
We moved as one to his aid lead by Eligos and Diefenbaker.  These two managed to drive the duergar back into the shop and away from the prying eyes of the mages in the hall.  Eligos’ brave charge did not come without cost though as she took something of a beating for her trouble.  I have come to learn however that there are few tougher than the tiefling Warden and it was nothing that she could not handle.
With a foothold in the room it was not long before we began to gain the upper hand.  But just as it was becoming apparent that we would overwhelm Vic’s assailants a spectral figure burst out from an adjoining room crying “who dares attack Kediri in his own home?”  His boastful declaration of identity making it clear that not only did these duergar know of the slavers machinations.  It turns out, they were sheltering the very duergar we were looking for!  At the appearance of Kediri columns of light  began to appear around the room leaving all those close to them blinded.  Dief however remained unaffected and was able to attack Kediri knocking him off balance.  Vic despite being blinded had the presence of mind to direct Minron to charge at the spectre and knock him prone thus taking advantage of Dief’s efforts.  This bought Eligos the time to summon a swirling cloud of grit and blood which lacerated the duergar whilst protecting the rest of us.  With the help of Vic's spells this was enough to see off the last of the duergar soldiers.  Kediri then felt the full force of our fury.  For a long time he resisted, seemingly able to shrug of the effects of many of our blows but eventually the sheer weight and ferocity of our attacks toppled him.

A quick search of the shop revealed some gems, which Glen immediately declared himself custodian of, some gold coins, an ornate box which had been used as a till and on the person of Kediri himself a contract referring to supplying human and halfling slaves to a place called the Horned Hold

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