5th Day of Meloramensis – Part I

Hogar’s Journal (Translated from Giant)

Year 781 of the founding of the City

5th Day of Meloramensis – Part I

Thunderspire Mountain – Return to the Seven Pillared Hall

At dawn, or what passes for dawn in the permanent gloom of the labyrinth, Terrlen roused the group and led us back into the dark passages towards the Seven Pillared Hall.  Time is indiscriminate in this place so it is difficult to say how long we had been walking before Terrlen doubled over in pain.  He fell to the ground screaming in agony.  In the guttural half light cast by the torches it was unclear at first what was going on.  His screams began to be punctuated by the suck and pop of deforming flesh and dislocating bones.  It became apparent that his jaw and nose were growing before our very eyes.  Hair began to sprout from the back of his hands, his cheeks and his forehead and his screams became less human and more animal in sound.  Presently his transformation was complete and a salivating werewolf towered menacingly over us.
Glen and Eligos did not wait for him to attack us but charged straight at him knocking him further down the corridor.  Minron then joined in, sending the beast crashing to the floor.  All six us proceeded to hit him with everything we had.  Whatever had caused Terrlen to turn into a werewolf clearly made him incredibly tough.  He managed to withstand our onslaught for quite a few minutes.  Six versus one he never really had a chance though and inevitably he fell unconscious at our feet.  No sooner had he done so than he morphed back into the form of Terrlen.  The combined healing efforts of Minron and Vic soon brought him around.
The experience left him disoriented and he seemed to have no clear recollection of what had just happened.  He did however come to realise that such a transformation has happened to him before, though he had thought it a dream.  It seems that he visited a temple somewhere in the labyrinth many years ago where he was transformed.  Believing it to have been a dream he does not recall where it was.  Its location may be worth further investigation once we have dealt with Kediri and his cronies.
That little misadventure dealt with we continued back to the Seven Pillared Hall, this time keeping a closer eye on Terrlen’s condition.  Once there Terrlen handed himself over to the mages who oversee the hall and we handed over our Goblin captive.  The mages were so grateful that they volunteered to waive the heinous tax they levy the next time we pass through the hall, how very generous!
Vic suggested that as we are in the Hall we may as well spend another night under the hospitable roof of the Halfmoons.  Glen and Rodney decided to do some shopping and joined us a couple of hours later having bought an “elixir of accuracy” for me.  Apparently I’ll barely be able to miss having consumed it, we’ll see I suppose.  Rodney aloof as ever retired early to spend some time brewing concoctions of his own.

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