6th Day of Meloramensis – Part IV

Hogar’s Journal (Translated from Giant)

Year 781 of the founding of the City

6th Day of Meloramensis – Part IV

Thunderspire Mountain – Horned Hold, Armoury

I crept ahead of the rest of the party and moved through the doors where the halfling slinger had fled.  I emerged into a small corridor with several rooms leading from it in all directions.  As I searched the rooms one by one my companions followed a short distance behind.  Close enough to come to my aid if needed but far enough away to avoid drawing attention to us by their noisy footfall.

After searching two bedrooms and a storeroom the clash of metal being wrought and roar of forges being stoked became apparent from behind doors at the end of the corridor.  A quick search revealed that there was another route into what was obviously a smithy.  The route passed through a small antechamber with a water trough in it, probably used to cool hot iron.

Peeking around the door I could see two orcs and a duergar being told by the halfling that enemies have breached the gate.  I quickly called everyone forward to rush in through the two doors and capture them in a pincer.  As we were organising ourselves into two groups the muffled voice of the halfling could be made out through the door.
“they’re right outside the door” He cried, his voice followed by the sound of quick scuttling footsteps.

The element of surprise gone we burst through the doors as one and noticed a third orc in the room.  Eligos and Glen formed a barrier in the main entrance backed up by Vic.  Myself, Rodney and Minron charged in through the second door to catch them on two sides.

The three orcs quickly went up against Glen and Eligos forming a shield-wall in the doorway.  Vic cast a spell on the duergar which seemed to allow him to control the dark dwarf’s mind.  Whatever the cause the duergar quickly fell upon his orc comrades rather than us. 

Charging in through the second door we quickly dealt with the halfling and turned our attention on the confused duergar.  We seemed to be gaining the upper hand when two spectral forms appeared through a wall behind Vic, leaving him horribly exposed all of a sudden.  Looking back these last minute reinforcements making life difficult for us seems to be a recurring theme of the last few days.

Vic quickly ran away from this new threat but not before taking a few swipes from spectral claws.  The distraction allowed the duergar to recover from Vic’s domination and cast one of those infernal columns of light, blinding Vic, Minron, Rodney and myself.

The enemy pressed their attack whilst half of the party was incapacitated but Glen was up to the task.  He adopted a ready posture and struck with unerring accuracy and ferocity at any opponent who found itself within his range.

Slowly my vision cleared.  Once it had I wasted no time in putting arrow after arrow into the orcs killing two of them before turning on the duergar and wounding him.  I finished of the duergar by interrupting him as he attempted to blind us again, as he fell to the ground I saw Glen dispatch the last orc.

We all turned on the wraiths but they seemed to be partially unaffected by our weapons.  Glen and Minron set about knocking them to the ground to leave them at our mercy as we finished them off.

Vic has taken a severe beating since we arrived at the Hold so we have decided to hole up in one of the bedrooms for the night.

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