30th Day of Garmensis – Part III

Hogar’s Journal (Translated from Giant)

Year 781 of the founding of the City

30th Day of Garmensis – Part III

Silverkin Manor – Epilogue

Moving into the second chamber we encountered the robed form of a mage standing over the prone figure of an elf.  His robes betrayed him as a Vampire Lord, a powerful foe indeed.  He was performing some sort of chant, no doubt intending to raise the elf as another undead minion.  The ghost of the eladrin vampire floated over to the mage and settled beside him.  The mage went on to berate “Frieda” for failing to deal with us, as he was now too weak to do so himself.  This made sense of why Eligos had been reluctant to attack the vampire.  Frieda was one of the missing companions we had come here to look for.  The elf on the table before the mage was their leader, Eric.
We readied ourselves to engage the powerful vampire lord but rather than engage us he evaporated, as Frieda had done, and floated out through the wall.  Minron approached the prone figure of Eric and was able to treat his wounds sufficiently to bring him around.  After taking a moment to gain his senses Eric told us of how the Vampire Lord had killed Frieda and resurrected her as a vampire.  The lord had also killed our new friends other companion, the paladin Robert who had yet to rise as a vampire but was due to do so imminently.
Minron suggested that separating the paladin from his head would probably prevent him from rising as a vampire, logic that I could not find fault with.  This “Bob” cannot have been popular with his adventuring companions as both Rodney and Eligos agreed with Minron immediately.  Glen, ever the reasonable voice within the party, suggested that Jacob Silverkin seemed to be a powerful mage and perhaps we could see if he could save the paladin before we summarily executed him.  Personally I think chopping his head off was the safer option but who could argue with the dwarf’s logic.
It turned out that old Silverkin could resurrect the paladin in the mortal human being sense of the term, so no harm done in the end, unless your name is Frieda of course.  Eric and Bob were able to reveal that the party’s actions at Shadowfell Keep are likely to keep the Prince of the Undead at bay, at least for the time being.  The Order’s curiosity satisfied Minron, Vic and I are going to head for Fallcrest to send a report back to our superiors.  In the absence of anything else to do Glenn, Rodney and Eligos have decided to join us.  Silverkin offered to let Eric and Bob stay at his mansion whilst they recovered from their wounds, an offer they both jumped at.

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