30th Day of Garmensis – Part I

Hogar’s Journal (Translated from Giant)

Year 781 of the founding of the City

30th Day of Garmensis – Part I

Silverkin Manor – The Library

The next day Glen awoke to find himself feverishly convulsing in his bedroll.  Upon inspection Minron discovered that the werewolf had bitten him and passed on some sort of disease.  Fortunately the dwarf is a hardy creature and Minron was able to heal him relatively easily.  After rising and sorting ourselves out we proceeded down the stairs towards the only ground floor door which we had yet to explore.
As we descended the staircase the temperature in the entrance hall noticeably dropped.  Glen pushed his way through the double doors and found himself in a lavish library.  Books lined all four walls floor to ceiling with a walkway about 20 feet up to allow access to the highest shelves.  On the walkway stood a human form swathed in a red robe.  Vic attempted to hail the figure from our position in the doorway but before he could speak three skulls, formerly part of the Skull Lord we had dispatched, appeared before us and instructed Vic to leave.
Before we could respond three frozen zombies shambled out from between the bookcases.  All the while the robed figure seemed unaware of what was transpiring beneath his feet.  A fireball manifested towards the ceiling of the room and streaked towards the doorway where we were gathered.  I managed to dive out of the way but the heat radiating from it still singed me.  The others were less fortunate.  Another four zombies, this time not frozen, appeared from amongst the books.  I managed to regain my feet and dispatch two of them with arrows quickly.  Eligos and Minron were also able to quickly shake off the effects of the fireball and dispatch the other two “normal” zombies.
As we moved in to take on the frozen zombies the cold radiating from them became all pervasive.  We struggled to move properly for the shivering they induced.  Every touch from them seared the skin and numbed the senses.  All the while the triumvirate of skulls flitted amongst us flinging spells at us as they passed.
I don’t know how long we fought before the robed figure deigned to notice us.  It seemed like an eternity as tears froze over my eyeballs and my fingers struggled to draw back my bowstring.  Eventually I heard him ask what was going on but was unable to answer as the zombies pressed their attack.  Vic said something to him that sounded ridiculously polite given the circumstances.  Even having witnessed our predicament he did not see fit to intervene on either side but continued to read his damned books.
We managed to dispatch all of our foes only for the robed man to complain at the mess!  I called him the ignorant fool he clearly demonstrated himself to be.  The next thing I knew I was flying through the air backwards into the entrance hall, only stopping when I collided with one of the suits of armour on the far wall.
I came around a few moments later and returned to the room to find the old man leading my companions to the kitchens.  Apparently the old fool is Jacob Silverkin himself and the necromancer responsible for raising the dead is located in his basement.

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