26th Day of Garmensis

Hogar’s Journal (Translated from Giant)

Year 781 of the founding of the City

26th Day of Garmensis

The King’s Road – En-route to Winterhaven

As we near Winterhaven vile Orcus dominates my dreams.  Each morning the stench of undead flesh fills my nostrils as I wake.  A reminder of the nightmare of Orcus’ vision that is my nightly gift from the Demon Prince of the Undead.  I know not why he chooses to reveal his vision of utopia to me.  I know of no other bestowed of this ‘gift’ nor any means to rid myself of his foul presence.  All that is left to me is to do my all to prevent the future of my nightmares from becoming the future for us all.

Early this morning, before the sun could claw its way over the mountains ahead, Minron noticed strange lights in the sky to the north-west.  Opaque steaks of light green and palest blue danced across the horizon over a point in the distance to the north, too far away for us to be able to discern its nature.  Foul magic is at work in these lands.  I fear my brothers in the Praetorium will have to act against the Prince of the Undead after all.

Our fearless leader’s inspirational aura has diminished somewhat.  146 years old and he tries to pet a feral war-hound?  What’s more he’s surprised to be bitten?  He’s lucky that the hand is still attached.  Too much more of that and his flute playing days will come to a permanent end, though I’m not sure that would be an altogether bad thing.  Perhaps we might even get some sleep.

As Winterhaven reveals itself in the distant foothills the peace of the valley has been disturbed by an ear-splitting cacophony from the direction of this morning’s arcane lights.  Such a cataclysm must be linked to the portents of Orcus.  We must make haste to the town as soon we are able and determine what is at this location that may have drawn the Demon Prince.

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